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Anales AFA announces that a special issue will be dedicated to the "1st Latin American Workshop on Vision Sciences - inVisionT 2017", which took place in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán on October 19 and 20, 2017. The works will be peer reviewed and the editorial committee will be composed by:

Ana María Contín, National University of Córdoba, CONICET (

Givago da Silva Souza, Federal University of Pará (

José Fernando Barraza, National University of Tucumán, CONICET (

Luis Issolio, National University of Tucumán, CONICET (


The authors will find the instructions for publication in

The language can be Spanish or English.

The cost of the publication is AR $ 300 per page or fraction.

The works must be sent to the email address until January 31, 2018, placing in the subject: inVisionT 2017.

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Quantum formalism for the electromagnetic interaction of composite particles in higher-derivative nonrelativistic gauge field models


A comparative analysis between two correlated models of composite particles is performed. These
are higher-derivative nonrelativistic U(1)U(1) gauge …eld models for the electromagnetic interac-
tion of these particles in (2+1) dimensions. The models contain a Chern-Simons U(1) …eld and the
electromagnetic …eld, and...

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Effect of inclination on pure ice grain boundary relative energy


In this paper the grain boundary (GB) relative energy  γbg/  γ
s has been measured ( γbg GB energy and  γ
s free surface energy) in pure
ice bicrystalline sample with crystal disorientation <0001>/10º . The bicrystal has been studied at -18 ºC and the GB...

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